Membership Benefits

The strong ties we have kept throughout the years with representatives of the trade-related government agencies, as well as the US government agencies, as the city, state, and federal levels, have been crucial to the success of PACCLI. These relationships enable us to provide strong support to our members and keep them current on Legal, financial market issues which affect the efficient flow of International trade of goods and services specially with Perú and the Americas.

Excellent opportunities to

  • Make competitive and attractive business in Long Island and New York area.
  • Explore/discover new commercial opportunities in sectors high growth projection
  • Integrate yourself to a commercial platform to generate new preferential deals
  • Enquires strategic alliances with, small medium or big competitive PERUVIAN businesses
  • We got PERUVIAN companies with vast experience at regional and worldwide levels, they know the market trends
  • Participate in specialized activities, seminars and cultural events according to the line of your interest
  • Legal advice; accounting, financial, taxes, acquisition of properties, real estate and more

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